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If you can write grammatically correct English and have basic graduation, you must give a thought at choosing Instructional Design as your career.

What would you do as an Instructional Designer (ID)?

You would simplify the way people learn. There are proven methods and strategies to do this. You will learn all those from us.

Why is there a need to simplify the way people learn?

Learning is happening all the time. You and the people around you are always learning. Our learning starts at home, as a toddler, then at the playground, schools, colleges, universities and eventually wherever we work. What if all the learning becomes easy? For this to happen, the way we learn needs to be simple. You as an ID would make all the learning happening everywhere very simple, easy-to-understand, and fun.

Where would you work as an ID?

As there is a need to make learning easy everywhere, you can work almost everywhere. In any industry, for any domain, there is a need for IDs. However, IDs are an essential and core part of the eLearning Industry as well as Training, Learning, and Development Industries. As an ID, you can work for the L&D department of any organization, you can work for the education industry or you can work with an eLearning company.

Why would you become an ID?

IDs are in great demand across corporates, as well as the education industry. You can do your own search rather than blindly believing in what we say.  Checkout job portals like Naukri.com, Indeed, and Monster and see the number of Instructional Designer job listings and their freshness.